other slightly

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~ eë 02 ~ (please read shipping/distro info below if outside the EU!!!)

"other slightly" is a unique grouping of six musicians who each received ten minutes to fill with sound however they saw fit - some used more time, some used less. the result is an album of sonic works that is exactly what you might expect but isn't - where the differences in each of their approaches to sound, instrumentation, process and time are precisely what construct an idiosyncratic and cohesive whole. 

side a: Daphne X, Ted Byrnes, David Grubbs

side b: Morgan Evans-Weiler, Apaixonar, Madison Greenstone

- edition of 100 - tapes pro-dubbed by monotype pressing (pl)
- recycled chip-board packaging & inserts hand stamped and typewritten
- thank you to all the musicians who kindly contributed work - and to s. and m. for their design advice, help with stamping, etc.

~ eë 02 ~ 2022 ~

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